After a month long struggle with Apple the new Sniff_jazzbox for the iphone by AND-OR is now available in the 

Download is free. Try it out on your iphone and walk through town: You will experience a city with distinct locative melodies. Sniff_jazzbox creates an audible city. It converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. The extended version for iphone will let the user control instruments and speed of the melodies. Concept by & johannes auer.


More information on the gameart app:

Download from Apple's itunes

If you don't own a iphone you may want to watch the video of Sniff_jazzbox in use:

Or try the prior Nintendo DS-version:

Sniff_jazzbox is an artwork by AND-OR (René Bauer, Beat Suter, Mirjam Weder) and Johannes Auer:

Posted: Samstag - November 15, 2008 at 10:02 vorm.